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Our Vision

At Bokmakierie Pre-Primary school we strive to provide a haven that inspires creativity and quality education to all learners.

We provide the opportunity for all our children to grow curious minds, giving them the ability to adapt for a changing tomorrow to the best of their ability.


Our Mission

To accomplish our vision statement we have the following mission statement at our school:

  1. To create a harmonious and stimulating education climate.
  2. Provide all children with a positive learning experience.
  3. Educators and staff members are to be competent and suitably qualified.
  4. Learners will be motivated to achieve to their full potential.
  5. Educators commit themselves to developing meaningful norms and values.
  6. High academic standards are to be maintained.
  7. Parents are to play an integral role as part of the education system.
  8. The highest level of effective school management is to be applied.
  9. To instil love; a love for learning and a love for the community.

Our History

Bokmakierie Pre-Primary School, forms part of the network of GDE nursery schools south of Johannesburg. Our school is in Mondeor, in a serene part of the suburb adjacent to a nature reserve.

The School opened on 16 October 1978 as Alan Manor Nursery School.  It was a cold and wet morning and 120 children arrived. We had 6 staff members, 1 secretary and 2 helpers.

At the inaugurating of the school in 1980 the name officially changed to a Bokmakierie.  The decision on the name "Bokmakierie" was due to the Bokmakierie birds in the area.

1 May 1995 saw the start of 2 playgroups as well as aftercare facilities with a variety of additional activities available.

During the year 1999 we started our baby section with great success.

As from January 2001 Bokmakierie privatised as a section 21 Company.  Bokmakierie still functions according to GDE Rules although we don’t receive any financial support from the GDE.

We currently have 105 children in the school ranging between the ages 6 months to 6 years of age.

Happy, healthy children perform with confidence!

All our staff members strive for the best quality education, discipline and overall development of a child.

Nuture . Teach . Inspire


What we Offer

Babies are given special care by age appropriate stimulations, ensuring they develop good motor and cognisance skills.

Loving care to ensure all our learners feel at home at all times.

Great educations to all children for 3 months to Grade "0" preparing them for school readiness

Balanced diet, from a comprehensive menu.

Great selection of extra mural activities, improving motor skills, self-confidence and physical fitness.

Aftercare with transport from designated pickup point to the aftercare centre.

Spacious school and aftercare grounds in a secure supervised environment


  • Aftercare reopens - 7 Jan 2019
  • Nursery School Re-open - 9 Jan 2019 


Our Classes

Giraffes - 3 months to 2 years old

Elephants - 3 to 4 years old

Squirrel - 3 to 4 years old

Bambi  - Grade 00

Tigers - Grade 00

Lions - Grade "R"


Extra Murals

  • Swimming (Kim 082 447 2045)
  • Karate Kids (083 654 5810)
  • Manners for Minors (Darlene 084 705 1742)
  • Kidz Compu Ed (Herlene 083 460 7019)
  • My Seed of Greatness (Darren 011 680 0832)
  • Singing Sensation (Tameryn 073 146 5616)
  • Actionball (Jenny 082 312 9217)
  • Soccercise Starz (083 236 8559)
  • Monkeynastix (Irene 083 261 2403)
  • Gymkidz (Shirley 083 254 0589)(Bridgette 076 587 8308)
  • The Palette & Paintbrush (Elmarie 084 690 0400)

What You Think of Us

Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 5 ratings)

People Who Liked us

The best Pre School in the south area

Bokmakierie produces the best kids graduates, it doesn’t matter which primary school they go to, they just continue to be the most vibrant, energetic and genius littles ones. I have been a parent at the school for more than 6years now. My 9 year old is the product of Bokmakierie and my two little ones are still in Bokmakierie. It’s a great school, a little heaven for our little ones..👌🏼👌🏼

The transport service is also superb!! Great job sister Nobuhle, teacher Drennie and the rest of your team.

Mrs Pretorius, your efforts in restoring Bokmakierie pre primary school and making it a better place for our kids are noted and appreciated, thank you.

15th February 2019
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best pre- primary school

I felt in love with the school the first time I went and I said this is the school I want my son to attend, a good school ,very organised and the love and care given to our kids is so amazing. Big ups to Principal Karen and the staff. You guys are doing a great job!!!!!!!!

30th January 2019
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Awesome School

My cousins went to the very same Pre- Primary school and when i was struggling to find a pre-school for my son then my sister reminded me of Bokmakierie, and i prayed they have space for my son. What an amazing and Good school it is they(my cousins)were well spoken at age 5 and i knew thats what i wanted for my baby. Thank you Bokmakierie, keep shining!!

Lebo Siziba
2nd January 2019

Great school

My son started at Bokmakierie in 2017 then went to primary until today he still talks about his teachers. I have always been sceptical on my kids starting school early in 2018 l took my 2year old daughter it was such a smooth transition. The love the teachers have for the kids is the best. The school is clean and safe

Bonolo Nevondo
23rd December 2018
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Great Pre Primary School

My kids have been so happy there, the staff are caring and the general ambiance is calming and pleasant

Ida de Mello
28th November 2018
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People who told where and what to improve

You can find us at:

Corner Asher Road and, Chelverton Ave,
Johannesburg South,

Phone: 011 941 1211/2

Mobile: 082 386 8744

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