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Get to know us - Our School

Bokmakierie Pre Primary School is a nursery school in Johannesburg South in a serene part of Mondeor next to a nature reserve.

As well as being in a position to service the Mondeor, Soweto and the Deep South of Johannesburg areas, it has easy access from all surrounding suburbs.

Our School slogan is “Environment that inspires creativity – Growing Curious Minds“.

All of us at the school believe that teaching should be in a caring, loving environment that uses positive teaching methods and play time.

We create a home away from home atmosphere, where our children find themselves in a place they look forward to coming to, every day.

To assist us in creating this caring atmosphere we invite our parents to participate in school activities, as well as ask the children on how their day was, did they do anything fun, or made new friends.

Above all is to ask if there was any unpleasant situations during their school day, as these must be dealt with quickly by the management and teacher team.

When a child is asked “what did you do today?” and replies “I did nothing” it can mean so many things, so do not stop there, take the time to talk with your child at his or her level, because they need to know of your interest, in their life.

Covid 19 Info and Updates

The staff and management of Bokmakierie Pre Primary Nursery School extend our best wishes to all of our families and ask you to keep participating within the parameters of our Pandemic guidelines.

Securing our school for the return of our little ones.

What we offer

Babies are given special care by age appropriate stimulations, ensuring they develop good motor and cognisance skills.

Loving care to ensure all our learners feel at home at all times.

Great educations to all children for 3 months to Grade “0” preparing them for school readiness

Balanced diet, from a comprehensive menu.

Great selection of extra mural activities, improving motor skills, self-confidence and physical fitness.

Spacious school and aftercare grounds in a secure supervised environment