Up To 7.5% Discount

Reduce school fees by participating in this programme designed to financially assist existing and new parents alike, just by recomending the school to your family and friends.


Normal Enrolment

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How The Bokmakierie Sponsored Enrolment Works

This discount system is designed to help existing parents as well as new enrolling parents to get fantastic discounts just by recommending the school to friends and family.

  1. A Bokmakierie parent tells his or her friends and family about the school and recommends they enrol their little one at the school.
  2. The new parent then applies for enrolment to the school informing the school of the name for the sponsering parent
  3. When and if they are accepted that counts as 1 point per every new child up to three children either from one family of three different families. The qualifying factor is the number of successful enrolments.
  4. For each enrolment both the enroling and sponsering parents get given a discount.
  5. The new parent in the first year can take advantage of the sponsering scheme.
  6. The Bokmakierie sponsoring parent can accumulate three discounts to a set maximum percentage discount.
  7. If the parents fail to pay or fall into arrears the school reserves the right, at the sole discretions of the schools management, to withdraw the discount from the defaulting parent.
    • This enrolment can be done online through our website or by physically fisiting the school.